Alert, No More Law!

The book of Galatians is a pretty amazing book.

This book is attributed to Paul the apostle who wrote to the Galatians regarding issues concerning the Law given by God early on in the Old Testament.

A very good contrast of the Law compared to Faith is given in chapter three where Paul details why the law was brought forth, how we (the believer) became free from it and how Faith in Christ now supersedes it.

Freedom from bondage of the law is guaranteed after reading through the chapter if you truly take His Word to heart and realize that the law does not provide salvation, but faith in Jesus does.

Nonetheless, toward the end of the message, Paul tells us that as many of us who have been baptized in Christ have also put on Christ (Galatians 3:27).

What does this mean? This means that you now have a connection with Jesus because you now have a relationship with Him. 

'Putting on Christ' is a figure of speech (or metaphor) that is used to describe what happened after we accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour and is now a constant in our lives. So now, Jesus is the one who envelopes you; You are covered and sealed through Him.

That's pretty cool isn't it?

So how does a believer continue living free from the law?

Easy, keep abiding and focusing on Jesus. Make that commitment to serve Jesus today and daily so you can become free and released from that bondage of rules and regulations that tie us down and detract us from serving Jesus well.

As a side note, keep in mind that being free from the law does not mean you disobey God's law nor the laws of man. The law is put out as a guideline to assist in protecting us; It is there for our own good. I know this may sound confusing if you are just starting to read the Bible, but as you pray, study and read the Bible in context you will begin to understand the freedom we have in Christ.

God bless you,



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