Grace and Peace. Experience it Today.

Are you experiencing God's grace and peace today?

The apostle Paul, in his letter to the churches of Galatia, wrote in his salutation "Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ." This I'm pretty certain he wrote because of his own personal experience of grace and peace, in his life, after experiencing Jesus on the road to Damascus.

If you are currently reading or have read through the new testament you will read about Paul and his conversion to true christianity and relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Paul, prior to conversion, was very well educated in the things of God. He knew all there was to know about God in the sense of law and a structured layout, but he did not have a saving relationship with God.

Paul's knowledge and adherence to rules and regulations could not save him, but the life altering event that he experienced on the road to Damascus did. That's where he first met Jesus and began to experience a true relationship with God.

In a nutshell, after that road side event, Paul chose to serve God wholly and with a true heart. At this point is where he finally experienced God's grace and peace. Grace he received because of Jesus' death on the cross, and peace because he was now forgiven of all he had done previously. (Paul did some pretty bad things to include murder.)

So how about you? Have you experienced the grace and peace that God has in store for you? Have you truly surrendered everything to Him?

If you haven't, do it today; I'm actually speaking to the believer. Why, because some believers choose to hold on to "old baggage" which then drags them down as they walk through life.

Take Paul's example and place that "old baggage" at the foot of the cross and thus experience true peace today. There is a saying which says "No Jesus, No Peace; Know Jesus, Know Peace".

What's something that is hindering your walk today? Open your heart to Jesus and express it to Him today. He will guide you onto the next steps.

God bless you,



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