Joshua: Servant of God to the End!

110 Years Old, Wow!

That's how old Joshua was when he died.

Amongst the many words of encouragement that we receive from the book of Joshua, the fact that he served the Lord to his dying days is awesome and super encouraging to today's believer.

What does this mean for us? In what manner does the Bible encourage today's believer through Joshua?

This means that there really is no retirement age when it comes to doing the Lord's work. We are to be consistent in service to Him all the way through until our final day, here on this planet.

Another thing is that Joshua's service was not a mild, kick back sort of work. He was all about action both physical and mental.

Of course, we know that this doesn't mean that every single believer on this planet has to get up (literally) to do something physical for the Lord like going out street witnessing or helping an elderly person. Some people are unable too because they are disabled, bed ridden or whatever.

Action in regards to doing God's work is doing what you can with what the Lord has gifted you with or the ability of what you can do at this present time for Him.

For example, if a person is bed ridden and able to think well then that person can pray; If a person is able bodied, then that person can go out and physically work for the Lord like help people, witness to people, encourage people, get involved with their church and on and on and do those things in Jesus' name.

There's plenty we can do so let's get moving and serve the Lord diligently, daily and all of the days of our lives. Begin today. Don't give up. Lead the way as Joshua did. Praise Him through your service to Him.

What are you doing for the Lord this day?




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