Are You Sinless?

“When they sin against You (for there is no one who does not sin), and You become angry with them and deliver them to the enemy, and they take them captive to the land of the enemy, far or near” 1 Kings 8:46

King Solomon, after the completion of the temple he had built for the Lord, prayed a prayer of dedication to Him while he stood before the congregation. As I read through the prayer, I noticed that he prayed as if he already knew the outcome of his people.

One instance reads “When they sin against You”, that is, when the people sin against God, and He becomes angry... please forgive them when they come to you with a true repentant heart.

The wisdom that God provided for King Solomon allowed him to know these things and accept them as part of life. And, I’m sure, the things he had witnessed during his father’s administration helped to enforce this acknowledgement of sin as well.

What King Solomon stated back then still applies to the current day believer. Yes, the person who has been saved and is born again.

When we give our hearts to God through Jesus Christ; when He calls us to Him, and we become His children, He forgives us of all sin. He says our transgressions are removed from as far as the east is from the west. That’s great news. Praise Him for that!

But, His forgiveness doesn’t mean that we become sinless and will never sin again. His forgiveness does mean that He has provided us a clean slate within us because of Jesus. Wouldn't it be great, though, if we didn't have to worry about missing the mark (sinning), and we were able to serve the Lord sin free?

Well the nice thing and extreme blessing to the believer is that we can ask for forgiveness again (and again), and He will forgive us of our sin if we ask with a true repentant heart. 

We need to acknowledge that sin is going to be a part of our lives; we shouldn’t walk around saying we are sinless when we’re not. By doing the latter, we’re only deceiving ourselves.

And, extremely important, because He forgives us we shouldn’t think that we can just go out and sin then simply state “He will forgive me anyway”. 

Our walk in Christ is a constant work in progress so we need to push for sinning less (and less) rather than sinning because we know He will forgive us. If you know you should be doing right and don’t do what’s right it is sin.

Be encouraged my brother or sister-in-Christ. If you’ve missed the mark, get back up, call on the Lord with true repentance of heart and keep pushing forward toward Jesus. He loves you beyond what we can fathom.

One more thing. After you’ve asked for forgiveness, don’t dwell on the past. Many times, we dwell on it, and so we become miserable Christians (see Born Again, Yet Miserable). If the Lord has let it go, we need to let it go also. We need to fully trust His Word to us. When you fully trust Him, He will guard your heart and mind and give you a peace that goes beyond all understanding.

God bless y’all and stay strong,


Referenced Scripture

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