Have You Ever Been Dried Up (Spiritually)?

When you get a chance, read Ezekiel 37:1-14. The passage provides and excellent example of dry bones, being apart from God and finally reviving after being all dried up.

What a great description we have here in verses 1-14. 

This reminds me of times when I'm not in my Word nor praying/fellowshipping with the Lord regularly.

I get all dried up (spiritually) because I lack the living water which makes me alive and refreshed. My physical body even feels dried up and shriveled down to the bone when I choose to be apart from the Lord (even for a little while).

Have you ever felt that way? Whether we admit it or not, I'm sure we've all experienced this dry spell.

So how can we avoid these dry spells? Well, from experience, I simply say to stop everything and get into God's Word. First, ask for forgiveness for being away from Him then begin reading His promises to us like the Psalms. 

When I begin reading, even though I'm all dried up inside, He eventually brings an overwhelming peace which fills me to the top. Its because I begin to realize my foolishness in being away from Him and His overwhelming love toward me when I return.

(If you don't experience this, don't worry; it's not about experience, it's about relationship with God. He knows your heart.)

May the Lord God Almighty bless you this awesome day!



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