Even The Demons Believe...

The title of this post, I know, sounds a little bit out of the ordinary (even for me). But, it has to do with reality and so it must be brought up so that we can be aware of who our enemy is and what he is all about.

The subject of satan and demons is not taken seriously by non-christians and sometimes christians. As christians, though, we need to be aware that there is such a thing as satan and demons and this dude and his minions are out to deceive and destroy those who follow the ways of Christ.

One way that satan and his demons work is by causing complacency in the body of believers. Complacency happens when the believer becomes so enamored with himself that he simply goes through the motions of the christian life.

There is no action except for what has to do with 'me, myself and I'. 

Some signs of a complacent believer are:
  • No prayer life because 'I'm saved now and there is no need'
  • 'I don't need to read the Bible because I'm saved and there is no need'
  • Going to church, sitting in the pew and listening to the message, but nothing happens after that because 'Im saved now and there is no need'
  • Not sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those who are unsaved because 'I'm saved now and there is no need'
There are more signs of a complacent believer, but you get the message. Do you have any signs of being a complacent believer?

If you have one or more signs of being complacent, whether on this list or not, trust that the Lord can get you out of this complacency.

First thing you need to do (and I speak to myself also) is ask for forgiveness from a true heart (no wishy washy stuff).

Second, begin calling on the Lord and reading your Bible (His message to you) so that your relationship with Him becomes strong.

Third, apply His message to you into your daily life style and get involved with a ministry at church.

As you begin to seek God (truly) then you will notice a change in your life. There will be action rather than complacency. This action will counter the scheme of the enemy (the devil) to make us (the body of Christ) complacent.

One final point of encouragement. Know that satan and his demons believe in God, but they have no desire to serve Him (cf James 2:19). We do not want to be the same as them, believing in God and not serving Him. Get focused, stay strong and get into action.

Stay Strong!



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