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Obey verb \ō-ˈbā, ə-\
: to do what someone tells you to do or what a rule, law, etc., says you must do

Amazing, but this tiny little word makes a lot of people want to disobey. Seems that when an order is given, our natural instinct is to do the opposite.

Joseph, the man who was betrothed to Mary the mother of Jesus,1 was asked by a messenger of God2 to be obedient. 

So far it seems pretty fair that a believer should be obedient to God, right? In this circumstance, though, Joseph was really put to the test because his being obedient had to do with something he was unable to see or prove and so on.

Mary was pregnant, but it wasn't something Joseph was a part of,3 get it? Regarding tests of faith, this is where the rubber not only meets the road, it also permeates it and meshes with it to the deepest layer. 

Joseph thought the same thing any one of us would think, 'I am leaving this woman, right now.4'

Joseph couldn't even give the matter the benefit of doubt. It was obvious that Mary was pregnant not a lot nor a little but all the way. She couldn't hide it even if she wanted to.

Ok, so what did Joseph do? He obeyed the words of the messenger of God.5 

Why? Because deep down in the depths of his heart and mind Joseph knew this was something of God. This was something beyond human understanding6. It was something that could not be explained by man, but was known to Joseph because he had a relationship with God.

(Side note: The Bible says that God's word is foolishness to the man who does not have a relationship with Him.To the believer, God's word is the opposite to the extreme.8

Yes, I know. Some tests are majorly big and others are very minimal in size, but have we been able to pass with flying colors? Sometimes not, I'm sure, and sometimes yes. We all struggle and our Heavenly Father knows that, but are you being true?

Brothers and sisters, let's take this Biblical example of how Joseph chose to be obedient and apply it into our lives today. (Not all situations will be like Joseph's so don't worry.)

Yes, it will be hard at times, but place your full trust, heart and mind on Him9 and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you so that you/we will be able to obey His words.

BTW, if you'd like to read Joseph's situation in its entirety go to your Bible and read Matthew 1:18-25.

Stay Strong!


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