Merry Christmas!

Path to Salvation: Four

A Prayer Request...

Now Work it Out

Path to Salvation: Three

Path to Salvation: Two

Path to Salvation: One

Have You Ever Been Wronged?

JEWLS Bible Study Rolling Along...

Dodger Blue!

Let's Go Encourage One Another!


How to Access Unshackled: A Quick Tutorial

J is for Joseph. that's it...

The Cobbler House Bible Study Update

Matthew 3:2 NKJV

Z for Zombie. NOPE. Z for Zaira!

Psalms 88:13 NKJV

Learning the Way of our Lord!

With the Word: The Chapter-by-Chapter Bible Handbook

No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green

Chuck Smith Autobiography: A Memoir of Grace

The Cobbler House - Refresh Your Soul and Heal

Luke 18:1 Comforting Words

Crazy Call to Action

Warrior Generation Today!

Let Your Heart Be Glad (Video)

Let Your Heart Be Glad

Matthew 25:40

Your Sleep Will Be Sweet!

Church Up

Are You Going to Sleep Well Tonight?

Communication with God


The Truth!

Getting Together with other Believers: RISK Night

He Stands at the Door and Knocks

Trust in God. Not the World.

Skate Free Event Coming Up

Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee

Thursday Night Bible Study Update & Verse of the Week

Seek Him First!

Thursday Night Bible Study Verse of the Week

satan: ready to trash us up

WARRIOR Generation in Action!


Video :: The Worst of The Worst. Will God Forgive Them?

Know Your Bible, Know Your Saviour

Do NOT be Discouraged! Keep Fighting On!