WARRIOR Generation! :: Keeping Strong!

Warrior Generation was super great this morning!

We began with a time of joking around and fellowship.

Afterward we all called on the Lord for guidance and direction. 


Dustin, our analytical Warrior, provided a great detailed explanation and super analysis of Genesis 8:21-11.

It was awesome!

(It's amazing what the Lord does to a person when one submits to Him.)

After the teaching, we all discussed the passage together. Wow! There is always so much insight, encouragement and things to learn from God's Word.

Gabriel provided a guideline in regards to street witnessing as Warrior Gen will be going out to Santa Monica in a couple of weeks to do a prayer walk and tell people about Jesus. 

Prayer people, please pray for that event.

A final note: If you are an older believer, always take the time to encourage the next generation in Christ. Also, listen and learn from our younger brethren and sisters. You will learn something you didn't know and will be super encouraged.




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