Know Your Bible, Know Your Saviour

“The better I know my Bible, the more intelligently I can pray. I certainly need to learn all I can of the Book by careful, diligent study. 

But I must not stop there. I must know my Bible practically. 

I am to “know the truth,” but I must also “walk in the truth.” 

In fact, I do not really know any truth unless I walk in it. 

If ignorant of the Word of God, I am likely to pray for many things that are not in harmony with the Lord’s mind-things that are not suited to the dispensation (time period) in which we live, or that would not be helpful to my spiritual progress, or honoring to God. 

The better I know my Bible, and the more careful I am to obey its precepts, the better I shall be able to pray.” 

-Ironside, H.A, Praying in the Holy Spirit: Meditations on Prayer (Kindle Locations 72-78). Kindle Edition.


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