WARRIOR Generation in Action!

Warrior Gen's mission is to prepare this gen to lead the next gen in becoming motivated and strong in our Lord Jesus. This means teaching our next generation the Word of God in its entirety and simplicity and then the application of it.

As part of teaching the application of His Word, we must apply it ourselves so each person in the group will be leading a mission trip.

This past Saturday (March 19, 2016), Gabriel led the group on a mission trip to Santa Monica. He planned the entire trip from beginning to end. Great job Gabriel!

He called the mission a prayer walk such that we would go out and walk the streets of Santa Monica and pray for people in the name of Jesus.

We wore shirts that say Need Prayer? This drew people's attention. Many were very receptive, and surprisingly only one person mocked, but that's ok. The Lord has a plan even for that person.

The trip was a day long event and very successful. Thank you Jesus and all Glory be to Him.

We met at 0500 for Bible study. Joseph led and taught the study. Great job Joseph. After that, we took off. We arrived at Santa Monica around 1030, prayed, prepared and went into action.

There were a lot of great moments, but there was one that really touched me. It happened when we had called it a day and began walking off the pier.

Joseph, Jorge and I started our walk off the pier and about a minute in I noticed that Jorge was not with us so we began walking back to see where he was at. When we saw him, he was in conversation with a family so Joseph and I stayed back and waited.

When the family left Jorge and he came over to us he told us that the mother of the young girl came over to him and said the young girl had been worried about going up to him to ask for prayer.

She wanted to ask Jorge if he would pray for her because she was going off to college soon. That was really cool, BUT! They said that seeing what Jorge was doing encouraged them to get back into reading their Bible again. Super awesome! 

Brothers and sisters in Christ! That's what its all about. In serving Jesus, you never know what your actions in Christ are going to bring forth. 

Get into action! Don't wait. Remember that Jesus equals action.

Get Strong! Stay Strong! To God be the Glory!



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