September 2016

Friday, September 30

The Cobbler House Bible Study Update

Great Bible study this evening.

Dustin provided great insight on Matthew twenty-seven. He emphasized the importance of the Old Testament in current times by comparing Psalm twenty-two with Matthew twenty-seven. Thank you Dustin and great job. All glory to God!

Indeed how important it is to keep all scripture together that is the Old and New Testaments. Each compliments the other without any doubt.

Next week we will be getting into the last part of chapter twenty-seven and into twenty-eight.

Stay Strong! In Jesus' name!


Thursday, September 29

Saturday, September 24

Z for Zombie. NOPE. Z for Zaira!

Warrior Generation is rolling strong...

This morning Zaira provided us with a really cool blessing of encouragement and insight from 2 Timothy 2. Thank you Zaira for the blessing! All glory to God!

Her method of expounding the chapter was to use other passages of scripture to explain every single verse in chapter two. 

Using the Bible as its own commentary is awesome and the best commentary to use. There is no better place to obtain understanding from the Word than from the Word itself.

Stay Strong. In Jesus' Name!


Wednesday, September 21

Saturday, September 17

Learning the Way of our Lord!

Hello everyone! Just want to report another awesome morning of fellowship and discipleship Bible study.

This morning our bro Justin taught from the book of 2 Timothy chapter 1. Thanks for all the encouragement bro and great job.

It is always super cool to listen to another brother or sister share the Word of God. Each week's message is unique as the Lord speaks to each one of us so differently, yet it is always inline with the Word of God.

Thank you JESUS! and may Your name be glorified.


With the Word: The Chapter-by-Chapter Bible Handbook

With the Word by Warren W. Wiersbe is an excellent Bible study resource. 

Wiersbe covers the entire Bible with short snippets of information that will encourage and provide you with insight regarding the text you are reading.

With the Word is perfect for those who are reading through the Bible; at the beginning of each Bible book, Wiersbe provides information in regards to what was happening at that particular point in time.

You can purchase the paperback or Kindle version.


No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green

The story of Keith Green is a true story about a brother in Christ who just wanted to serve the Lord with all his heart. 

Melody Green (his wife) writes about the ups and downs, the goods and the bads that they experienced, but at the end for the Glory of God.

This book will encourage you to move toward Christ without compromise.


Chuck Smith Autobiography: A Memoir of Grace

I just completed reading Chuck Smith's autobiography last night. 

The story as told by his son Chuck Smith Jr. is very encouraging. It travels through Pastor Chuck's ministry through the years and how Calvary Chapel finally came to fruition.

It is so amazing to read how the Lord used this one man to affect so many thousands upon thousands of people in the United States and beyond.

I recommend this book as it encourages the believer to not trust in him or herself, but to fully trust in the Lord.


Thursday, September 15

The Cobbler House - Refresh Your Soul and Heal

Hey everyone. Hope you are all doing well and blessings to all.

We are excited to announce that our Thursday evening Bible study now has a new name attached to it.

The new name is:
The Cobbler House :: Refresh Your Soul and Heal
Prayer people, please pray for this ministry. Pray that we do all according to the Lord's Word and leading and never our own.

If you have any unsaved friends, neighbors or anyone, please send them our way. Also, if you would like to join us, go for it. We are here and ready to encourage. (And, you can encourage us.)

Details regarding location, time and all that good stuff can be found HERE.

In Jesus' Name!


Tuesday, September 13

Sunday, September 11

Crazy Call to Action

As we begin our journey to church today, let's recall what the Bible says in 
Hebrews 3:13 (NIV) "But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness."
Let's go wherever we go to gather with other believers today and encourage one another.

Also, as believers, we know we are called to action so we must lead the charge if needed. Let's not wait for someone to encourage us. Let us go in and begin encouraging.

Wow! Imagine the argument amongst believers being 'she got to encourage that sister before I did. I'd better go find someone to encourage, quick.' 'What? I didn't get to encourage my bro because my other bro got to him first.' (Side note: Double encouragement never hurt anyone.)

If we believers argue, that would be something to argue about-how to get to another believer to encourage him or her.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but that's ok. Get crazy in Christ! It's better to be crazy in Christ than to be crazy in sin's deceitfulness.

The mission if you decide to accept: Encourage at least two believers today, but if you feel so inclined encourage as many as you come in contact with.

In Jesus' Name!


Saturday, September 10

Warrior Generation Today!

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" -2 Timothy 2:15 KJV
Warrior Generation still going strong.

Saturday morning Bible study was, once again, awesome and super encouraging.

This morning bro Jorge (not boy George ;) and Dustin expounded 1 Timothy chapter 6. The message was very encouraging.

Employer/employee relationships, money, fleeing foolishness and keeping the "commandment" was reviewed in detail and discussed. We all received some great insight and learned new things.

The Bible has so much to say about life, it's amazing!

If you aren't reading your Bible, I encourage you to read it. You'll be blessed and super amazed at the clarity in which it speaks about our/your walk here on earth.

In Jesus' Name!