JEWLS Bible Study Rolling Along...

Trials. We all have experienced them and it is certain we will continue to face various trials in our lifetime.

Psalm 25 provided us encouragement and showed us that life is a difficult journey and that in order for us to walk through the storms and pitfalls that are sure to come our way, we need God.

We need His wisdom to make the right decisions as to which way to go (Psalm 25:4).

When we do go astray, He shows us the way back (Psalm 25:8).

We learned that we need to trust Him; to trust Him we need to know Him!

How do we get to know Him? We must read our bible, pray and ask for understanding.
He is faithful and keeps all His promises (Psalm 25:10). 
On this journey we must keep our eyes “forever on the Lord” (Psalm 25:15).
Next week we will be starting our journey into the book of James which will equip us with practical wisdom for everyday living.

God will reveal to us godly wisdom in trials, temptations, in our friendships and in our speech.

We will see why we must be a doer of the Word and we will learn about humility, patience and prayer. So much in 5 chapters!

We will continue taking this walk through the book of James verse by verse, asking the Lord Jesus Christ to guide us and teach us His ways so that we will be equipped to love and serve Him.

In His love,



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