Warrior Generation and A Prayer Request

0530 and doing Bible study with the next generation!

This morning our young bro Cesar tag teamed with older bro Dustin (lol). Cesar brought the group some encouraging words and insight from Hebrews 3:1-11 then Dustin took over and expounded on the rest of the chapter.

We all had a great time and learned a lot of great stuff. Thank you Cesar and Dustin for all the encouragement and all glory be to God!

Later in the morning, we called on the Lord for complete healing within the body of our little buddy Roman. Complete healing of all cancer.

It's amazing how strong our little buddy looks despite all he has been through. The Lord is keeping him strong. All praise be to Jesus!

Believers in Christ. Those of you who have trusted in Jesus.

Please pray for Roman and our friend Kim Lebel that the Lord would heal both completely of all cancer.
Older brothers and sisters in Christ, take the younger generation under your wing and teach and prepare them to be the next Warriors for Christ.

God bless and Stay Strong in Jesus!



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