2017 CCCM Couples Retreat

After nineteen years, Estella and I have finally attended a couples retreat.

It was our first ever retreat and what a blessing it was.

We arrived on Friday, 10 Feb 2017 around 5:30pm. Although there was a lot of traffic, the drive from San Bernardino wasn't bad. Some areas were slow, but the traffic flowed pretty smooth.

Couples Retreat Itinerary
We checked in and got our keys to our room. When we got to our room, we opened the door and walked into the smallest room ever. The super tiny room mimicked Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's bedroom setup. I quickly re-arranged the two twin beds into a super twin and then helped Estella unpack. Afterward, we were going to go to the book store, but found out it was already closed. Not a problem, we went straight to the coffee shop. We stayed there until dinner time at 7pm.

We met another couple at dinner, which was great. The fellowship was great also. After dinner, we went to the first session of the retreat. There we received an introduction then went into worship. During the worship, a wave of peace came over me. I told Estella that I felt like when I had first become born again. I know it was the Holy Spirit providing that peace.

Friday Evening at the Coffee Shop
The following day, Saturday, we went to breakfast and met a new couple. Again, the breakfast and fellowship was great. Afterward, we went back to the chapel that we had been at the night before. A band came up and led in worship then we went into the next session.

Estella and I at the Chapel (Saturday)
The next session featured Brian Broderson and his wife Cheryl. Estella and I had never seen them in person, but only via Pastor's Perspective on Kwave. They are super cool and down to earth. Brian is super mellow and Cheryl is super talker.

After their message, there was a question and answer panel and that's where the transparency started. Brian and Cheryl shared about their daughter who basically became their prodigal daughter for a season and later came back. They shared details of what they went through. Many couples in the crowd were encouraged by this.

In the afternoon, we had a couple of other speakers. I can't remember the pastor's name but he was the second speaker of the afternoon. His message on Ephesians five and his testimony caught Estella and I by surprise.

He shared that he had been in ministry for (I think) about twenty years and how it had become, for lack of better words, his first love. His wife being second. He also shared about his wife telling him that she could no longer live that way and if things didn't change she was going to leave. (The story wasn't cut and dry like that. There was a lot of detail that led to that decision.) And, that was only about a year ago.

Estella and I were touched by that as we are both in ministry. I got a little worried and asked Estella if she has ever felt that way toward me. What a relief when she said no. After asking her the same question about twenty more times that evening and a couple more times the next day, I resolved in my heart that she really meant no. Estella and I have never put our marriage secondary to anything, but we still, that night, took action to strengthen our commitment to one another. The Lord first, our marriage second then everything else.

This was a good wake up call for both of us not to fall into busy-ness therefore neglecting one another. Thank you Jesus for this!

Brian and Cheryl Broderson
After the sessions, we were given about an hour and a half break so Estella and I walked back to our room to relax a bit.

On Break: Stopped to take a Picture
On our way back to the chapel, I heard a voice and it wasn't that of the arch angel. It was Joseph our beloved young brother in Christ. He was sitting at one of the outdoor tables with his new Macbook, listening to Pastor Chuck. Joseph is attending the Bible college. It was great to see him. Prayer people, pray for him. Pray for strength in Christ never to compromise but to push forward to lead the next generation of believers in Christ!

Estella, Ruben and Joseph (Warrior Generation)
On our last day, we had another great breakfast and fellowship. We took the opportunity to take a picture at the huge fireplace that they have near the dining hall. We then proceeded to the final session of the retreat. A lot more encouragement came our way then it ended but not in our hearts.

Fireplace near the Chow Hall
What a blessed time we had. Estella and I will be attending this event every year, Lord willing. I encourage you husbands to take your wife to one. At the end, you will say...


  1. Glad you both had a blessed time!!! :)

  2. So glad you both had a blessed time!! Loved the pictures of you two as well :)

  3. Thank you Helena. You and Cody need to go to one. Love you.


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