Bean Dip and Strawberries at Rainbow

The entire time I thought it was a Father's day gift from my wife but little did I know it was an early anniversary getaway.

Either way, Estella and I had a great time relaxing and taking it super easy.

On Friday we took off early from the house and stopped by the store to get some goodies for the trip.

Then, on the road we went. After about an hour we arrived at our destination...

...but still had to travel a few more miles into the hills our final destination. Finally we arrived.

We traveled the path to our lodging space and as we walked we noticed a mini Radio Flyer on the fence. Upon entering our room we noticed a really cool looking radio and wall to wall books. It was different but totally cool

The next day we went out on the town to a place called Myrtle Creek and Old town Temecula...

Then back we went to our lodging space. 

The following day, our last day away which was Father's Day, we ate breakfast provided by our bed and breakfast host then off we went to pick Strawberry's.

Finally, we got into the car and drove back home. Thank You Jesus! for a super great time with my wife.



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