POST - Harvest America at RPM Brakes & Auto Repair

First, all of us at the Cobbler House would like to extend a super special thank you to all our brothers and sisters in Christ who prayed for the event. It was super great!

This was the first time being a host site for us and it went super smooth. We came in early cleaned up then set up. Jorge purchased a used projector that worked super well. It even looked really well with the little bit of sunlight that was coming in via the skylights.

The gospel message of Jesus Christ was great. Please pray for Pastor Greg Laurie as the enemy of souls hates those who preach Jesus.

So what happens now that this is over? We keep pushing forward spreading the Gospel of Jesus.
All who attended the event were invited back to the Cobbler House Thursday night Bible study that we have every week at RPM Brakes and Auto Repair. 

If you are seeking to know about Jesus, a mid week Bible study, need prayer or encouragement come on by to the Cobbler House. For more info go to the Cobbler House page.

If you'd like to check out today's event, take a look at the video below from the Cobbler House Facebook page...

All to the glory of Christ!



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