Get Grounded Again! 3 Days To Go...

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. According to the countdown timer on our website, we got three days and nine hours to go before our first Get Grounded Again Bible study.

Just wanted to mention that this back to the basics Bible study is not a men's only study. Both women and men are invited to join us during this time of study of the Bible and fellowship.

A Little Preview

As we go through the Start to Follow study, we will also answer questions that many people ask such as:

  • What am I being saved from?
  • How do I know I'm truly going to Heaven?
  • Why do I have to read the Bible?
  • Is Jesus truly the only way?
  • How many times can I be forgiven?
  • Can I lose my salvation?
  • And many other questions

At each meeting, we'll gather up one question per person. We'll take the questions home and research the Bible for the answer. We'll jot down our findings and bring back to the next meeting so that we can share with the group.

Hope you can join us!



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