TCH Bible Study

What is the difference between the testing of our faith and temptation?

It’s clear that the testing of our faith produces patience (James 1:3) as we fully place full trust in our Heavenly Father. It also gauges where we're at in our faith in God, but what about when we experience temptation? 

Does God tempt us? Why do we experience temptation? What happens when we give in to temptation? Should we give into temptation?

Temptation is a process that starts as a root. It then continues to develop slowly and so subtle that one can barely tell it’s there. The end result is compromise and giving in to our own desires that lead to sin.

The Cobbler House upcoming Bible study will be in James 1:13-18. As we read through the scripture and lesson, we will be taking a look at what the Bible says about temptation and much more.

We hope you can join us for worship, study of His Word and fellowship!

If you need prayer or have any questions about the study there are various ways you can connect with us:

Between 11am - 5pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
-Text: 909 494 2414
-Call: 909 887 6400
-Visit Us (see map below)
-Post a prayer request or question below

Thursday's 7pm
-Bible Study (see map below)

If you call and we answer "thank you for calling RPM Brakes", you've called the right place. RPM Brakes hosts the Cobbler House.

Stay Strong!

 Isaiah 40:31


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