The Man in the Mirror!

“For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was.” -James 1:23-24

The passage above almost seems like a no-brainer. It is almost too simple, surely it is more complicated than that. Hear and do. However, we can be quite gullible and deceive ourselves into only hearing instead of doing, and that is what James is talking about here.

Let us start with the most important thing first. 

Being a doer of the word starts with faith in Jesus. This means that when we have heard that Jesus Christ has made our salvation possible by faith in Him then we are to respond with that faith. 

Scripture shines light into the darkness of our own hearts, reveals the depths of our depravity, and gives us the solution for our predicament in Jesus. It is a, “yes, I believe” or “no, I do not.” There isn’t any middle ground. No fence riding here. 

If you respond to the reality of this dilemma with faith in Jesus, then you have become a doer of the word and a life of following Jesus is underway.

We only have to be a believer for a few moments to realize that we don’t know a lot of things about God or even ourselves as it turns out. 

We still have a lot of the wrong kind of ideas about God still bouncing around in our noggins that will inevitably be confronted when we get into God’s word. 

When we begin to read our Bibles and grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ we will be challenged and corrected.

I can be the first to attest of the conviction that I have felt from the Holy Spirit when listening to one of His servants preach or when quietly reading His word alone. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t always responded with a changed heart. At first I may have intended to but by the time a couple of hours have passed I just didn’t feel the same way about it. I squirmed out from under it and became a hearer only.

That is what James is talking about here. In God’s word we are instructed, corrected, and even rebuked. 

What are we going to do with it? Are we going to walk away and forget what we looked like? 

Let us not get up from reading our Bibles only to forget what we were so convicted about moments earlier. 

If Scripture is the mirror in this analogy, then let us go to it with the intention of being groomed and righted up to the glory God.



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