Willing Hearts. Not Robots.

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Do you have the desire to be of service to our Heavenly Father?

If you do, I would encourage you to act upon that desire as the Holy Spirit is prompting you to action. 

As Christians, we are called to action and together we form the one body of Christ unto service to our LORD.

In Exodus thirty-five, we read about the details of the construction of the tabernacle, and how the people were called to provide offerings and service to complete this divinely inspired task. A task that would bring forth a representation of God to those chosen by Him and to everyone else.

Although the LORD commands us to do certain things for our own safety and well being, for this task He allowed the people to choose (to make a decision from their own heart) to serve or not. It was not a command.

Below are just a few examples that the LORD did not/does not desire robots to carry out His plan, but rather, willing hearts.
All whose hearts were stirred and whose spirits were moved* came and brought their sacred offerings to the LORD.... -Exodus 35:21 (NLT) 
Both men and women came, all whose hearts were willing*. They brought to the LORD their offerings... -v22
All those who owned the following items willingly brought them...* -v23
All the women who were willing* used their skills... -v26
...every man and woman who was eager to help in the work the Lord had given them through Moses—brought their gifts and gave them freely to the Lord*. -v29
*Emphasis mine

Call on the LORD and find out what He would have you do at the church you attend or what He would have you do in your local community.


1) Pray about it. Ask our Heavenly Father what He would have you to do. He will guide you.

2) Don't over think it. Simply act on it and volunteer. Believe me, if the LORD doesn't want you in a certain position He will guide you to another.

3) Once you are in the position that the LORD has placed you in, serve Him with all your heart and do all that you do for His glory.

Remember. We Christians are a representation of our Heavenly Father here on this earth. Let's serve Him well, with willing hearts that many would come to know Him and be saved.

Pray. Read. Apply. No Compromise!

 Isaiah 40:31


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