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C.H. Men's Bible Study :: Romans 10 :: June 8, 2019

Men! Join us as we go into Romans chapter ten. We will again be meeting just up the hill above Cal State San Bernardino and to the left of the paragliders. 
We'll probably continue at this meeting location until it begins getting cold again. Hope y'all can join us. 

(Don't fear the address! Lol!)
If you get lost, call 909. 499. 9116!
Address: 6555 Devil's Canyon Road, 92407 

1. Drive into Devil's Canyon Road and pass the large water tank on your left 2. Pass Sweet Water Canyon Rd (The street sign is small but viewable on your right) 3. The next street, Badger Canyon Rd (a few hundred feet up) you will turn right. (There is no street sign) 4. Follow the black top and stay to the right, you will pass a chain link fence (seen on your left)  5. Keep going on the blacktop until you see a dirt road (on your right), turn right 6. You will see a pitch fork (3 dirt roads). Stay to one furthest right and keep going up about 300 ft to the gate 7. Pass the gateand go up the hill then par…