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Cobbler House Prayer Table :: 6/29/2019

The morning began like all other Prayer Table mornings. I  arrived to the corner of 5th and “E” St. at 6am. Caleb was already at location, sitting in his vehicle, awaiting my arrival. We greeted one another, prayed and setup, then began our fellowship.

The sky looked great with scattered clouds and the air was nice and cool.

7am came around and still no one had shown up to the prayer table. (It normally starts off that way.)

Caleb became concerned that no one was showing up so he said "I'm going to the corner and do some  street preaching."

My heart chuckled as I thought, ‘just wait Caleb, the Lord will bring plenty of people.'

It wasn’t too long after that that we found ourselves sharing Jesus with quite a few people that our Heavenly Father started bringing to us. One person even prayed to receive Jesus. 
By this time, Justin, Cesar (the elder), Jorge and Dominic had arrived and jumped right into the steady continuous flow of people that the Lord brought to us to pray fo…