Book of Colossians
3:2-3 :: Keep your focus on Jesus
3:4 :: Christ's Return. Let's Get Movin'
3:5 :: Death to... Part 1
3:5 :: Death to... Part 2
3:6-7 :: Sons of Disobedience
3:8 :: Anger, Wrath, Malice, Blasphemy & Filthy Language

Born Again
What does it mean to become born again?
What happens after you become born again?

Christian Growth
Are you Doubting God?
Dead or Alive
Should I Test God?
Using Your Words Wisely
Wisdom and Understanding from God
Wife Submit, But What About The Husband?
Are You Ready To Share or Defend The Good News?

Even the Demons Believe...

Ever Wonder Who Created the Earth? (Kicker)
How Amazing He Is!

Sin Revealed! Positive or Negative?
Believer, Have you Strayed Away?
Born Again, Yet Miserable
God's Promises
God's Special Forces
Leaving a Legacy
The Lord is our Fortress
Trials & Tribulations
Preserved by God
Experience Pleasure
The Good & The Good: God's Desire for All
Have You Ever Been Dried (Spiritually)?
Who Is Your Leader? (Kicker)
Our Strength & Shield
Losing Strength?

SB Active Shooter. Should We Fear Man?
No Need To Fear!

Are You Sinless?
Be Strong. Be Encouraged.
The Worst of the Worst. Will God Forgive Them?
Forgiveness After Having Gone Astray

Alert, No More Law!
Grace and Peace. Experience it Today.

Joy in-Christ
Experience Pleasure
Why Be Unhappy When You Can be Happy?

Living for the Lord
Joshua's The Man!

New Life in Christ
What Does it Mean to Become "Born Again"?

Your Fiancé is Pregnant! (But not by you. Uh, ooh.)

Pathway to Salvation
Pathway to Salvation: One
Pathway to Salvation: Two
Pathway to Salvation: Three
Pathway to Salvation: Four
Pathway to Salvation: Five

Peace Within
Are You Going to Sleep Well Tonight?

Be Ready For Action!
Prayer Examples
Be Serious in your Prayers (Kicker)
Be in Constant Prayer with Jesus (Kicker)

Salvation Series: 1 Introduction
Why Is Good Friday So Good?
The Good & The Good: God's Desire for All

Even the Demons Believe...

Is it all about Me, Myself and I?

Taking Action
Let's Continue Seeking the Lord
Building Up The Next Generation for Christ

Fleshly Lust

Giving Thanks to the Lord
Why Be Unhappy, When you can be happy?

Ever Wonder Who Created the Earth? (Kicker)
Witnessing Tip (Kicker)


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